Sunday, July 10, 2011

Broiler Breed

Broiler from broiler type developed specifically to produce meat.

because the supply of chicken meat in the market can not rely on the results from chicken or other fowl, as production age of the relatively long-range chicken about 7-9 months, so the alternative to meet the supply of chicken meat type broiler chicken developed a shorter harvest age is in 45 days.

For those of you who have a hobby with birds not hurt your hobby into a businesses that can provide an advantage, given the need for increased consumption of chicken meat once supported a large market potential. to start a broiler farm with enough initial capital of approximately 3 million dollars and a patch of space with a size of 5 x 7m.

The process of raising broiler is basically quite simple, as I ever did care starts from the cage and seterilisasi meyiapakan before the seeds included in the cage and it helps you make the broiler incubation for children at age 1 day to 15 days require a fairly heated like a chicken ward, room heating or incubation does not require a special place, we simply create a map in the main enclosure with a size of about 1 m square try to room with a tightly closed so that the heat generated can be evenly and assisted with some light enough to mengahangatkan incubation room.

To feed and drink are also drugs you can buy in a store or distributor of poultry feed to feed and drink broiler.Kebutuhan broiler are basically in accordance with the age of chicken. is quite simple perawtanya try not too much direct contact with humans, just one or two people doing out of the cage. To control the daily maintenance performed regularly in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. activities is to provide foods and drink in the morning do not forget to wash the bottle chicken, and clean up foods remains in the feed container, also clean the cage floor so not too wet and humid to keep the incidence of disease, at the time of day and evening checking the feed and drink in order not to run out, at night you can just provide additional foods and drink also controls the temperature of the cage in order to maintain warmth. So little method I do on my time maintaining the broiler.

as the initial stage of preparation that needs to be done:

- Incubation or warmers

- Foods and Drink Containers according to age Chicken

- Feed grain for chicks 0-25 days

- Vitamins suitable to the needs

- Drugs or vaccines according to the needs of poultry

- Incandescent

- Rice husk to form the stable base if the floor under

If you have a partner or relative who is experienced in the field of businesses breed broiler chicken rearing is worth untukmencari further information in order to maximize your efforts and can further increase profits.

The success will not come if you do not try it.


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