Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ngabuburit in Market Pabukoan Padang

Pabukoan market in Simpang Padang Jalan Imam Bonjol, Padang City continues visited by hunters Pabukoan typical Padang.
Although today the market is smaller in size than last year, while in the parking Pages Green Open Space (RTH) Imam Bonjol, but did not make the people of the city of Padang antusias to come to be reduced.
The market began enlivened visitors since at 16.30 pm. They are looking for a variety of snacks for breaking the fast, ranging from snacks such as dumplings, lapek bugih, lamang tapai, sala lauak pergedel corn, Lopi sipuluik, sarabi and others.
Not only that, the visitors pasa pabukoan also pampered with a variety of culinary Kapau such as Ikan Bakar, curry tunjang, intestine, Balado fried chicken, curry goat and do not miss the tempting. Also refreshments to be friends when breaking the fast.

One of the visitors, who come from Bengkulu Heri said that the market place Pabukoan smaller than last year. But food and beverages served remain diverse. Even the most traditional foods typical of Padang, West Sumatra.
"I usually look for snacks such as dumplings and corn pergedel," Heri said the visit was accompanied by his wife Pabukoan Pasa.


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