Saturday, August 6, 2011

Science Rasululah Trade

In this holy month is a month full of blessing as well rahmad and the month in which Muslims practice their religion obligatory fasting, and this coincides with the month of Ramdhan community also needs to increase, and along with an increasingly high demand compared to previous months then timbulah traders who look for opportunities to seek a more turnover. but unfortunately too many traders who make buying and selling does not correspond to consumer expectations, as we see on television the government began to regulate the vendors busy so as not to disadvantage consumers and do pengawsan for goods or decent food to dikosumsi, and also found cases vendors selling mainly foodstuffs that seemed to commit fraud, it can actually be detrimental to the merchant itself in the future because it has been buying and selling by dishonestly, was very apprehensive. then it's good to get back thought Rasululah where he gives the example and teaching how to trade properly, here is how the procedures for trading Rasululah hopefully can be a mirror for us:

Trading Practical Prophet
1. First, the seller can not lie and cheat the items to be sold to the buyer.
    The Prophet said, "When do the sales, say: there is no fraud."
2. Secondly, to customers who can not afford to pay in cash should be given
    The Prophet said, "When do the sales, say: there is no fraud."
3. Third, the seller should avoid the oath an exaggeration, especially for perjury
    deceive consumers.
4. Fourth, only by mutual agreement, or with a proposal and acceptance
    between the two sides, a form of transaction of goods will be perfect.
5. Fifth, the seller must correct the balance and measure.
6. Sixth, the person who actually paid in advance for the purchase of an item, not
    must sell before the goods are actually hers
7. Seventh, the prohibition of monopolies in trade transactions. "Whoever
    a monopoly, then he is a sinner. "
8. Eighth, there is no commodity that may be restricted. If the price is limited, then there is no
    trading companies and trading, then trade the world would stop
I hope what is being taught by Rasullah tauladani and we can get results more Halal and Maximum


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