Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Biggest Market in August this Year

Month of Ramadan is a month where every sector of the economy experienced a surge so high where the need for food items, clothing and shelter is rising dramatically and even H-7 Ramadan had begun especially rise in staple, this influenced the habits of society in the month of Ramadan is a time where bersilahturami and hanging out with family and distant relatives. This is already tradition, Ramadan is a holy month and the month to and tighten silahturami. To greet victory day or days later Eid Muslims usually increase spending could reach 100% even more so not so surprising that the wheels have the greatest economy in the month of Ramdhan and followed give rise to sector growth in the food business, parcel, fashion, furniture, transportation and other products and also create new entrepreneurs who glanced at the moment Ramadan and Eid market is so big.

Market info is based on quoted Neilsen Research Institute of Tribun stated levels of consumer spending from year to year ahead of Ramadan and Idul Fitri celebration is likely to increase significantly.

Food items are the most widely consumed snack foods such as biscuits, syrup and soft drinks. It was common, type of food is commonly used as a parcel delivery or second day of the celebration.

Nielsen describes butter and syrup into two items that most were hunted down and recorded a very significant increase. Butter sales in 2009 reached USD 322 million a year later sales had risen 36% to Rp 438 million.

As for selling the syrup in the fasting month of 2009 reached USD 156 million and increased 37% a year later to $ 214 million.

"Of course, manufacturers will gain a very high income in those months. It has become a tradition in Indonesia, "said Venu Madhav, Executive Director, Client Leadership Nielsen, today (19 / 7).

Nielsen also said sales rose significantly also occurred in the types of drinks soft drinks and clothing.

On the same occasion, Director of Nielsen in the field of Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG) Service, Vidi Ma'rufin Nur said sales of products such as biscuits quickly exhausted, butter, syrup and others will experience increased sales as the previous month of Ramadan.

"Ramadan this year I expect a sales increase of food products. It could reach double digits of Ramadan in previous years," said Justin.


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