Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chips Manggleng

Has anybody ever heard of chips based cassava manggleng this?

I wish all friends of readers have never heard of it I'll share a little about this manggleng chips are categorized, including snack foods or snacks made from cassava.

Manggleng chips usually can be found in the desert diner with elongated shape and has a coarse texture and spicy flavor. at home normally instead of eating plain crackers, is particularly well suited what if manggleng dishes eaten with plain and pretty good fans as snacks.

From the little reading above that manggleng can be made in a business opportunity for us because it has the potential and the fans, snacks is quite easy and simple way what the process is supported by the basic raw materials are relatively easy to obtain. Market potential and profit for the first chips for marketing this manggleng you can Leave diwarung stores, schools, canteens and restaurants as a snack at a price of Rp. 500 perbungkus her. good enough for their own benefit to supplement the family income and housewives as it can be done alone and do not require a large capital base.

The way the cracker manggleng

To process this manggleng chips do not require special tools sufficient with a kitchen knife and do not require a lot of capital just be some kilograms of cassava or tapioca old then cleaned and peeled off his skin after the cassava or tapioca we had boiled until tender and sliced thin approximately 2 milli then dried under the sun to dry.

after the new dry fry as we can for our other frying cassava chips, and ready to be affixed chili and ready to be packed with as simple as plastic foods wrap.

Thus was the little family business info hopefully useful for you, if there are errors in the writing of this please send your comments and suggestions on the box Kommentar.


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