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Cupang Fish (Betta sp.)

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Based on multiple sources of articles on the blog that I can about betta fish as follows:

To expand the ornamental fish Betta does not require large tracts of land, enough to provide an area about 5 square meters. Areas Central Jakarta betta fish farming is done on the house and not dipekarangan a relatively narrow, with containers used cement tanks or ponds or aquariums. These fish are relatively easily maintained and cultivated, because it does not require special feed. Forage fish are usually used to seed a natural food or water flea Daphnia sp. which can be found in the ditch where the water is stagnant. Hickey used to feed the parent of mosquito larva (larva). For growing children can fish and water fleas are interspersed with hair worms, will further accelerate the growth of fry.

Containers Cultivation

In general, containers maintenance is cement tanks or aquariums that do not need a large size that is just 1 x 2 m or aquarium 100 x 40 x 50 cm, while the containers  smaller than the containers marriage enlargement, which can be used include: basin, a small aquarium or bucket can be used for breeding fish.

Special features

Characteristics possessed by the ornamental male betta fish is a wonderful addition to color, fins were long and resembles a comb serit, so often called serit hickey. While the color does not attract female fish (dull) and the shape of fish fins shorter than males.
Characteristic of male fish to spawning:
Age ± 4 months
Body shape and fins long and beautifully colored.
Movement is an aggressive and agile.
Healthy body condition (not disease).

The characteristics of female fish:
Age has reached + - 4 months
Rounded body shape signifies ready to mate.
His movements were slow.
Short fin and the color is not appealing.
healthy body condition.

Spawning and fish care 
After the parent hickey prepared as well as decorative containers then the next step is to perform spawning:
Prepare the containers basin / small aquarium and clean.
  1. Fill the containers with clean water with a height of 15-30 cm.
  2. Enter the parent male betta fish for 1 day in advance.
  3. Cover the containers with a lid just about anything.
  4. A day later (afternoon) the mother has been incorporated into the mature egg spawning containers.
  5. Usually in the morning the fish are spawning and stick foam disarang form prepared by the male parent.
  6. Female parent is immediately removed and the males are left to care for the eggs until they hatch.

Enlargement of children
  1. When burayak betta fish can already gone brenang and egg yolks, the media had to be prepared to place a greater magnification.
  2. Move the seedlings with male parent.
  3. Then the fish were given food and water fleas closed containers.
  4. Ten days later the juveniles transferred to another place.
  5. And then every single week, the fish moved to another place to faster growth.

Post Harvest
Post-harvest ie after ornamental fish Betta already reached 1 month of harvesting can be done once can be selected or elected. Fish that are good quality and selection results hickey separated by being placed into separate bottles in order to develop properly and avoid fights. After the age of 1.5 to 2 months of starting to look hickey ornamental beauty and can be marketed.
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