Sunday, July 10, 2011

How business opportunities Warnet

How do your views about the efforts WARNET, certainly have a decent turnover for a businesses cafe with revenues of more than Rp. 200 000 units per day with a billing computer operating more than 10 units and operating hours over 9 hours per day. So it is quite promising not open the cafe businesses. when we look at the numbers above mean pengahasilan income individuals could reach 8 million dollars per month is fantastic, but in this cafe set up a similar businesses can be said to require the preparation of the capital, for 10 computers, and other preparations such as place and a wide range of facilities can take substantial capital range from 60 million dollars of course in accordance with the concept of the cafe to be run.

Below I'll share a little personal experience in running the cafe businesses.

the result is quite appealing and relatively affordable capital for beginners in the businesses world, and what the main reason I chose the cafe businesses?

The first reason is to run the cafe does not require special keakhlian with little knowledge of computers and the internet I was determined to plunge into this businesses and the risk is quite small.

The second reason is pretty good but the results were minimal monthly cost and risk than I should work on the company

also see considerable potential for Internet users because of increased internet users diIndonesia as an example of social networking users in Indonesia include the largest category in the world than any other country and the internet is now not only be used by people who understand the computer world and the only certain people, the internet has now experienced considerable progress almost every piece of information can be obtained via the Internet so the public has placed the Internet as the necessities of life will more information and updates from this I conclude bahawa businesses potential is quite promising because the internet cafe Talah become a necessity.

At first I run a cafe businesses is to sell my beloved bike and a little extra from savings from work in companies I finally get the capital to set up a small cafe with an initial capital of 15 million dollars. Anything I can get from the capital of 15 million to establish the cafe businesses?

of course I made a calculation and analysis of equipment needed beroperasional.Selanjutnya cafe so I can go to the computer store and consult with the shop owner about the equipment needed for the cafe, and the results I get the solution of the explanation is a computer store owner he advised me to use specifications of standard home computer for a while aiming to save expenditure. because my plan will only be operational for three computers and a client billing to the billing server unit so that the owner and seller of the computer made the offer at a price of 4 units diskont computer I get a price of 12 million dollars and a bonus of 1 unit Mikrotik at the time. thus the preparation has reached 70% living room and Clients can also set up a network. eventually be realized with a capital of 15 million dollars I have a small cafe, the first three months I'm targeting 16 operating hours with internet facilities and Browsing Online Games. Income that I get approximately 2.5 million dollars and cut payment account internet package of 600 thousand dollars and electricity by 200 thousand dollars, for the operator and its management is manage my own so it can save operational costs. and the results for 4 months I get an extra 3 units of computers.

Thus the story about the cafe businesses with a capital of 15 million dollars, when compared with other businesses cafe is still more promising.

survivors attempt and success always

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