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Cultivation Bananas (Musa SPP)

For those of you who are interested and have the desire to venture in the plantation sector and plantations which have yet to maximum production's worth listening to the following article about how to grow banana plants,

Benefits of Plants

Bananas are a very nutritious fruit that is a source of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Bananas used as table fruit, sale of bananas, mashed bananas and banana flour. Banana peel can be used to make vinegar through fermentation process alcohol and vinegar. Banana leaves are used as a wrapping various foods trandisional Indonesia.

Abaca stem is processed into fiber for clothing, paper etc.. Banana stem was cut small and banana leaves can be fed to ruminant livestock (sheep, goats) during the dry season when the grass is not / less available.

Traditionally, water kepok banana stem tuber used as a drug of dysentery and intestinal bleeding while the water is used as a banana stalk urination and pain medication detoxification.



Wet tropical climate, humid and hot to support the growth of bananas. However, bananas are still able to grow in subtropical areas. In conditions without water, bananas are still grown because of the water supplied from a water stems but its production can not be expected.

The wind at high speed as the wind can damage the leaf beetle and affect plant growth.

Optimum rainfall is 1520-3800 mm / year with 2 months to dry. Variations in precipitation must be balanced with the water level so that the soil is not waterlogged soil.

Media Plant

Bananas can be grown in soil rich in humus, containing lime or heavy soil. This plant foods so greedily bananas should be planted in the ground berhumus with fertilization.

Water should always be available but should not be pooled because of the banana plantation should be irrigated with intensively. Height of ground water in the wet area is 50-200 cm, in the half-wet 100-200 cm and in arid regions 50-150 cm. Land that has suffered erosion will not produce a good harvest bananas. Soil should be easy to absorb water. Bananas do not live in the soil containing 0.07% salt.

hopefully the above articles and info can be your reference to start the cultivation of banana plants.
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