Sunday, July 10, 2011

Excellence sangkuriang

Employers livestock catfish catfish or the businessman in the world now will begin to look and meyakiniKeunggulan Sangkuriang Lele. The results of the latest modification of African catfish is indeed deserve to be in demand by various groups, because it has been shown to have many advantages over its predecessor African catfish. Advantages of, among others:

~ Lele sangkuriang have a higher yield, both at the hatchery segment or enlargement, this can be seen from the results of feed 1 million tons for 10,000 sangkuriang fry catfish, catfish farmers are usually able to harvest the results of an s / d 1.4 tons of catfish consumption. What a remarkable achievement, in addition to good quality feed, of course, the quality of catfish sangkuriang remarkable success is also a factor in higher production.

~ The harvest catfish sangkuriang faster, this is due to the growth of catfish sangkurian spelled out very quickly, such as for seed-sized catfish 2 / 3 cm to grow to a size 5 / 6 cm catfish sangkuriang only takes 20 s / d 25 days. Likewise, the enlarged segment, entrepreneurs livestock catfish commonly used seedling 5 / 6 cm only takes 50 s / d 60 days until harvest time, if cattle are on location catfish sangkuriang a cold temperature, if the cattle are located at a temperature of catfish more heat, the harvest could be even faster that is +45 days.
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