Thursday, August 25, 2011

7 Sense of Human Performance for entrepreneurs

In this occasion I want to pour my own thoughts about the results of 7 functions of our senses in science applied to business and thought this has been my practice in running the business.
1. Sense of Hearing 
    As we know the sense of hearing be useful to receive sounds from around us through the ears. Based on     these functions can be applied in the business intent and purpose is in the business world is very desirable properties of sensitive information that is all around us so that we can create a workable business strategy.

2. Sense of vision 
    Human senses are used to capture a visual and tangible than information that is all around us. Sense of vision on the basis of his work focus then from here we can take advantage of the performance of his sense of vision for the business world, in the business world we all need to focus on one goal like the product we want to achieve production or maunpun our target market we will target .

3. Nose Senses 
    Based on nasal function is used to scent that is all around us.
We can implement this into the business world is after we got the information and determine the market's good we do an analysis and find out who the existing businesses in those markets and customers.

4. Mouth senses 
    Function as pengucap to menyapaikan dialogue, this could apply as the next process in building our business communications so that we can create the network.

5. Sense of touch or hand 
Its function as a form of touch and map objects we touch. These we apply to our business as a strategy to ensure market After we get the information and market analysis also looked at these when we have been able to feel it and reach out to those markets.

6. Foot 
Its function as an activator or mobility so we can apply the foot into the business world as a vehicle or a communication tool that will assist us in overcoming market mobility.

7. Brain 
Its function is as a memory and decision makers. Here we apply as a storage and data management of results information, target, analysis, communication, networking, mobility, will be processed by us in the form of journals as our data to apply the capital, product, price, right market, or the result is a decision-maker last.
Thus the ideas of science business I learned from our own sense of vision function. Hope useful for you and if there are mistakes and please provide additional Kommentar.
Stay Pray tried and spirit.


zam said...

thank you for information !

infobisniskeluarga said...

thanks for support friend

saka said...

jalan-jlan sore..
nice info

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